Logo for business success

Logo Design Trivandrum

Logo is the essential and valuable component of  any business. There are different types of logo designs like monogram, word mark( Typographic), symbolic, combination mark etc .


A logo can be monogram by overlapping or combining 2 to 3 letters of a business name.


Word marked or typographic  can be text only font based logos.It may be stylish, minimal design and color palette.


Symbolic or iconic logo, for representation of business idea.


Combination logo, to identify business  which will contain both symbol and typography.

The main purpose of a very well designed logo is to create a visual association of a brand. It tells the people about the business name as well as nature of business. Basically a  business logo will appear in all company’s products and services like website, letterhead,promotional materials,communications,product packing etc.

The best way of getting a logo, it should be designed professionally.This will help to grow your business in long term and memorable to customer’s mind.


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